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Every person’s health records & medical records are made available online for quick and easy access by the doctor. Clinics, hospitals and independent medical practitioners can now own an Electronic Health Record system EMR developed with the help of consisting of both the Clinic Management modules & Patient Management modules. Every person can now maintain their own Personal Health Records (PHR), integrated with video-conferencing and multi-parameter devices for vital sign measurements. It gives you automatic health calculators, e-Prescription generation, and allows you to consult with doctors & specialists worldwide.

In this software application, Patients, Doctors, Receptionists, and also Clinic Administrators will be able to easily network with each other, thereby providing better and more comprehensive treatment as well as care for the patients. This unique, proactive, and preventive healthcare service has been designed not only to take care of the immediate healthcare needs of individuals and their families, but also to ensure their optimal continued wellness.

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